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Open Mic Statistics

  • There are 945 open mic events running in 502 towns across 101 counties.
  • The town with the most events is Sheffield with 24 events, followed by Manchester with 19 and then Brighton with 15.
  • The county with the most events is Greater London with 135 events, followed by Greater Manchester with 68 and then West Midlands with 49.
  • The most northerly open mic is The Ferry Boat Inn in Ullapool and the furthest south is The Fringe Bar in Wellington City.
  • Open Mic Finder is 2427 days old.
  • 58% of venue names start with the word "The".
  • 2000 wonderful people have helped make Open Mic Finder amazing by submitting new information or correcting old.
  • 42% of events have at least 1 image
  • 22% of events have at least 1 YouTube video

Information correct on 29 Aug 2016