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About Open Mic Finder

Performers enjoy travelling to a variety of Open Mic events so they can experience different audiences, venues and locations. They need accurate and reliable information about towns they know and towns they have never been to. They need a resource that is vast but easily searchable. They need neatly formatted pages containing relevant results.

The Main Principles

  • Honest data age

    Events come and go and the organisers don't always inform us of changes. No directory can be 100% accurate... but we can be 100% honest! Every event page shows the exact date that the information was last confirmed as accurate. Allowing users to tell how old the information is and make up their own minds on how trustworthy they consider it.

  • Addresses and Maps

    Distance is important and nobody likes getting lost. So we have utilised Google's brilliant Maps API to provide users with the best possible geographical information.

  • Mobile, Tablet and Desktop accessible

    We aim to make Open Mic Finder work on all devices. Whether you're at home using your big-screened device or out and about with a 4 inch phone, you should find operating this site a doddle. If something doesn't look right, let us know.

How can you help?

If you want to support the Open Mic community you could...
  1. Keep details accurate by editing existing venue details that you know are wrong.
  2. Follow venues to be notified by email when someone updates the details.
  3. Submit details of Open Mic venues that are not listed.
  4. Interact by linking to us from your website, blog or forum.
  5. Consider making a donation on the support page.


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