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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for an event to be approved?

    Events are normally approved in the evenings around 5pm when our volunteers are arriving home from work. However, don't be surprised if they can go live at some strange time of day, especially at the weekends when schedules are loose.

  • How do I edit an event?

    Anyone can submit a revised version of an event's details by clicking the "Edit" button on the event details page. You will have to register an account in order to do this but that only takes a moment.

  • Can I trust the information on your site, is it up-to-date?

    Any information on the web could potentially be out of date and Open Mic Finder is not exempt from that rule. Venues and organisers tend to apply more enthusiasm when promoting a newly launched event than they do when announcing the cancellation of one. Inevitably, data is left to rot. So, here's our top 3 tips for assessing the accuracy of the data on any event details page:

    1. Look at the date the information was last confirmed as accurate. Every event details page shows it.
    2. Check their social networking activity. If their Twitter account has not posted anything for 3 months, take that as a warning. If their Facebook feed looks deader than Justin Beiber's eyes, it could be a sign.
    3. Phone the venue. If the line is dead the venue might have closed. If someone picks up, you can get a definite answer.
  • Do you rank the events on how good they are?

    No. Absolutely not. OMF has a core principle of impartiality. Information gets added (provided it meets quality control guidelines) and only gets removed when it has been out of date for 6 months and none of the people associated with the event can be contacted to gain confirmation.

  • There's a an open mic in the town centre on Wednesdays, why isn't it listed?

    Because we need a bit more information than that! Open Mic Finder is successful because it provides a full set of data, the very minimum being the venue name and address with post code, when the event occurs and what performance mediums are welcomed. But even more importantly we need a person we can email twice a year to ask "Is the event still running?". That person doesn't have to be the event organiser. They don't even have to be a performer. Just someone who lives near the venue and is willing to help.

  • How many hits do you get?

    Exactly what counts as a "hit" is pretty subjective. It's more informative to say that last month this site received 23,000+ unique visitors.