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Update inaccuracies when you see them

Open Mic Finder relies on community submitted information. You know how annoying it is to travel to a venue, excitedly anticipating an event, only to find it's not on? Well don't impose that experience on others! If you know some details are incorrect, the most important thing you can do is submit a revised version that is more up-to-date. Don't assume someone else will do it. It's for the good of the whole live performance community to keep listings accurate.

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Report website bugs

You can report buggy website behaviour by tweeting @OMFUK. Please describe what you were trying to do and include a screenshot of the error if possible. Please do not use Twitter to ask me to change venue details that you can change yourself. My priority is making the website as functional as possible to empower everyone to work together to maintain a community resource of venue details.

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