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Open Mic with Sedge & Jon at The Crown, Selsey

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  • 8:00pm Wed 07 Aug 2024
  • 8:00pm Wed 04 Sep 2024
  • 8:00pm Wed 02 Oct 2024
  • 8:00pm Wed 06 Nov 2024
Times20:00 – 22:00
OccursThe First Wednesday of each month
NameOpen Mic with Sedge & Jon
CategoryMusic Open Mic
The Crown, 107 High Street, Selsey, PO20 0QL
Host phone07966 360887

Open Mic is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone. These shows provide an opportunity for musicians, singers and performers to gain experience before a live audience.

All standards are welcome, and they are often blessed with a wide range of performances from some truly genius local artists. Above all though, it's about joining in, supporting your friends (even if you don't know they are your friends yet!), and listening to what people have to offer. Collaborations are brilliant, and meeting other musicians can be really inspiring, quite instructional, and bloomin' fun.

What's changed since COVID?

Even with the relaxation of restrictions, we have decided to make some changes.

1. If you have your own microphone with an XLR input, or microphone cover - please bring it. If not we will lend you a microphone cover for the evening for your sole use, please return it.

2. You will no longer be able to borrow a guitar - please bring your own instruments and cables.

3. Please sanitise or wash your hands before and after handling any shared equipment, such as microphone stands, Sedge or Jon 😕

4. Give people space to perform, and don't come into the stage area unless invited, especially during performances.

We have the basic equipment, such as a P.A. but musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments and gear, bearing in mind the longer it takes to set up, the less time people have to play.

If your act involves more than 2 people, or larger setups, please get in touch with us first. We may not have the right equipment, and not every venue can accept bands.

As a rule of thumb, you get 15 minutes / 3 songs minimum per set, with the hope of getting the keener people up twice, but this can vary depending on how busy the evening is.

Get in touch if you'd like more information.
GenresAcoustic/Electro-Acoustic Rock/Punk/Metal The Blues Folk Jazz Funk & Soul Sea Shanty
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