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Hi, I'm Martin and I built the first version of Open Mic Finder way back in January 2010. Since then I have personally reviewed every set of details and spent thousands of hours writing code to develop this website.

Around 2016 to try and make the site profitable I sought sponsorship. Sadly, the truth is that even though this website is the top performer on Google, capturing the majority of search traffic for terms relating to Open Mics, the total volume of visitors is still too small for any brand to want to engage with. One major brewery I spoke with told me they wouldn't even consider advertising on any website with fewer than 200,000 unique visitors per month... this site gets a tenth of that!

There used to be Google ads on this site. They only generated about £12 in an average month which, although it just about covered the cost of the domain name and hosting fees, they did add a lot of visual noise. They also dropped a load of tracking cookies on my users browsers and toward the end they required me to jump through an increasing number of hoops to please Google's terms and conditions. But the greatest damage the adverts were doing was that they led many people to assume I was making thousands from the site, when in fact Google themselves took the largest cut and paid out very little. So I removed them in 2023.

So here I am, running a website that cannot be monetised, yet I haven't the heart to shut it down because it provides a central service to a community of performers and when it's gone, nothing will replace it.

If you would like to donate a few quid to thank me for my work, it would mean so much to me. Any amount is appreciated, £1 or the price of a pint in your local pub, it's all appreciated. Tap the Donate button below to visit my PayPal donation page.

A pint of beer

I love real ales with a malty flavour. Usually, if it's got the word "Gold" in the name I'll probably enjoy it.

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